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What to Expect

Step 1: A buttermilk bath.

  • Does your website stink?? Let's be honest: no amount of SEO will get you to the top of the search results if your website is crappy. I will do a thorough assessment and provide a detailed report with regard to the state of your site - strong points, weak points, and action steps to take before this piggy is ready for the county fair. Remember: the search engines don't make purchases..people do. Let's get you looking your best, Wilbur.

Step 2: On-site SEO.

  • Once the initial analysis of your website is complete, this is the time to implement changes. These changes may include optimizing the site for the targeted keywords, adding content, adjusting site structure, choosing a preferred domain, optimization of tags, titles, descriptions and alt text, internal linking optimization, code validation, and more. I estimate that on-site optimization harnesses roughly 30% of the total power of the SEO process.

Step 3: Social media plan.

  • The importance of using social media to your advantage in SEO has exploded in recent years. It has grown in importance to the point that NO ONE can afford to ignore social media if they hope to succeed in their search marketing efforts. Make no mistake...ignoring or dismissing the social aspect of optimizing your website is a FATAL mistake. No matter how dry your market, no matter how boring or taboo your product or service (pipe fittings, anyone?) you simply must find a way to secure a seat at the cool kids table. I estimate this aspect of SEO holds 10-20% of the force of your SEO campaign. Let me show you how to get the social conversation started.

Step 4: Ongoing SEO effort

  • In my opinion, this aspect of search engine optimization eclipses all the others. There are several facets to ongoing SEO after your site has been optimized and your social media is in motion. These include updates to keyword research, adjusting header tags and optimizing fresh content, monitoring the competition, and LINK BUILDING. This is where the most successful inbound marketing efforts will focus their greatest effort. The greatest advantage of a professional link building campaign is that your on-site optimization efforts don't have to be building covers a multitude of sins. Link building efforts represent 50-60% of the power of the SEO process.

Step 5: Pricing

  • Pricing structure is largely dependent upon 2 factors: how competitive your market, and how large your website. Simply put, a crafter who knits doorknob cozies will enjoy relatively low competition, whereas a pizza franchise in Chicago will have to really roll up their sleeves to expect good results in the search engines. Similarly, a small niche website will likely be targeting fewer keywords than a large travel-planning site, for example. All these clients can expect success from a carefully crafted search optimization campaign...but the more competitive and larger markets will require significantly more man hours in order to achieve their goals. Pricing for services rendered will be determined accordingly.
  • Pricing may be structured by-the-project (initial Gameplan) or on a monthly retainer (Ongoing SEO Package) in order to meet your needs.
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