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Which Services?

Which SEO services are right for you? I offer a full spectrum of optimization services, but not every offering is right, or necessary, for every client. On this page you will find some clarification as to who needs what.

  • SEO GAMEPLANS: Most clients will need this service. The Gameplan includes a thorough site assessment, keyword research, market analysis, and action points to accomplish both on-site and off. At this juncture you may decide to implement the plan yourself, or hire me to do it for you. Clients who MAY NOT need this service would be those who have a working knowledge of SEO, a clear understanding of their target keywords, and have thoroughly optimized their website accordingly. This client is the rare exception and is usually an established brand. Start-ups and those who are unfamiliar with SEO territory will likely need the Gameplan.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING: What's your Twitter handle? What have you pinned this week? Is your 'cover photo' unique and engaging? Who has you in their 'circles?' If you can't answer these questions, then you need Social Media Consulting in the worst way! You can do everything else right, but if you ignore the social aspect of marketing your website, you are signing your own death warrant. You cannot afford to dismiss this critical facet of search optimization. Clients who have an established Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ following, who have established a blog and post regularly, and are taking advantage of sites like Pinterest and StumbleUpon, MAY NOT need social media consulting.
  • LOCAL SEARCH SEO: One question: do you have a brick and mortar store? If so, then most likely you will require Local Search SEO. If your customers are consistently finding your business listing at the top of the search results pages when they search for your product or service, well, then you wouldn't be here, right? Clients whose website targets traffic from all over the country MAY NOT need local search SEO.
  • SEO PACKAGES: Is your market very competitive? Simply put, the more competitive the market, the greater the need for an ongoing SEO Package. With a micro-niche market ("I knit doorknob cozies!") a client may be able to halt their SEO efforts after implementing the Gameplan. Most clients will need ongoing SEO momentum to build links, keep an eye on the competition, and adjust content and keywords as the market changes. Clients who knit doorknob cozies, well...not as much.
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