Infographic: Mini Facebook Posting Tutorial

I have a pet peeve. A bone to pick with Facebook page owners everywhere. You see, every time a page owner shares a link on Facebook, and then duplicates it in the Link Preview pane below that, I break out in hives. I die a little on the inside. If you own or manage a Facebook page, this mini tutorial is for you.

Let’s look at a couple of guilty parties, shall we? Facebook status

Shame on you, Natural News!

Yes please, because my stomach is getting upset alright.

Starbucks Facebook status

At least Starbucks is using a URL reducer!

My eye is starting to twitch.

Amy Lynn Andrews Facebook status

Et tu, Amy?? Noooooo!

Please, please, make it stop!!

Now folks, if you’ve been guilty of this, there is hope. I’m willing to concede that many people just don’t know that there is a trick to this! If you’re one of them, let’s take a look at some folks out there who are doing it right:

Jeep Facebook status

Much better.

Thank you Jeep! There’s only one.

Apartment Therapy Facebook status

*Sigh of relief*

Therapeutic indeed. My hives are subsiding already. Facebook status

Fat AND extraneous URL free. Yummy.

And so, now you know why you lost a couple of fans after the last time you shared a link on Facebook. All us OCDs ran screaming for the hills!

“But how do I correct this vile habit??” you ask. I’ve had this lovely little “Tutorialgraphic” created to show you the ropes. Please do me and my fellow obsessive-compulsives a HUGE favor: share this image profusely. The world needs to know! And I need my eyes to stop twitching. Behold (click it to big it):

Infographic - How to Share Links on Facebook


Confession is good for the soul…are you a serial double-URL poster? Go and sin no more. Next time you’re on Facebook, you’ll see lots of link-sharers who need to change their wicked ways. Make sure you share this post with them – and don’t you dare double-link it!

Could Google become the new drive behind Yahoo?

The blogosphere is all aflutter with the news that Marissa Mayer has left her position as Google’s Head of Search after 13 years, to join struggling search engine Yahoo! as their third CEO in less than one year. Her appointment comes just days before Yahoo!’s quarterly earnings call divulged that it had fallen short of the earnings projected by its alliance with Microsoft’s search start-up Bing….for the zillionth quarter in a row.

The Yahoo! search engine was essentially forced into aligning itself with Bing years ago when the federal government threatened anti-trust litigation were Yahoo! to join forces with search giant Google. Driven into the arms of Microsoft as a result, the one-time search giant has consistently struggled to produce revenue that even comes close to the billions of dollars in revenue Google reports each quarter.

The buzz surrounding Mayer’s defection to Yahoo! has been surprisingly and overwhelmingly positive. A Stanford graduate and one of Google’s most publicly visible employees, Mayer’s reputation for being one of the best and brightest precedes her. The consensus on the airwaves seems to be a loud cheer of “If she can’t do it, no one can!” No one seems to be crying foul over her quick departure from Google, perhaps because she is jumping ship in favor of the search giant’s most hapless and least intimidating foe. Nonetheless, the phrase ‘non-compete’ just won’t stop rolling around in my head as Mayer takes the helm and I can’t help but wonder why her former employer seems so unflappably serene and accepting of her departure.

Yahoo! is under no long-term obligation to continue their unsteady alliance with Microsoft…and this is where it gets interesting. With the addition of Mayer as their commander in chief and their continued dismal earnings from search revenue, Yahoo! may be ready to redirect their allegiance elsewhere. Could Yahoo! have had a greater purpose in mind when they reached out to recruit Mayer?

Yahoogle Logo

Inevitable? Or fanciful and improbable?

I have heard not even a whisper about the possibility of Mayer turning Benedict Arnold on her former employer. It seems that Mayer’s character, like her reputation, precludes the speculation that she would divulge Google’s best kept secrets. And no one knows better than a former VP how ready and willing the search giant would be to deploy their legal team with guns blazing at the first whiff of impropriety.

As relations between Google and Yahoo!’s newly installed CEO seem remarkably unstrained, is it possible that a future alignment between the two could reveal itself? The threat of anti-trust action by the Department of Justice still looms as a possibility…but I wouldn’t put it past Mayer to create a scenario that allows Yahoo to take advantage of her ties with Google to create a mutually beneficial relationship for the search platforms while pacifying the government’s monopoly concerns at the same time.

Others seem to think it might be time for Yahoo! to admit defeat and leave the search game altogether to focus on other avenues of growth. While this remains a possibility, why seek out Mayer – the Head of SEARCH at Google – if Yahoo! did not intend to keep trying to revitalize its once formidable presence in the search market?

Time will tell which direction Mayer chooses. On the heels of her announcement that she has chosen a new career path Friday, came the announcement that she is expecting her first baby – a boy – early in October. Here’s hoping that her legacy at Yahoo! is marked by the birth of something new in many other ways as well.

What do you think? Will Mayer steer the Yahoo! ship toward the harbor of Google? Or will she take things in a new direction altogether?